Bookshelf speakers that sound good on a SHELF or SIDEBOARD

No room for stands; rear wall is very close, less than 6 inches. Shelf (it’s actually a sideboard) height is 36" inches from floor to shelf.

Any thoughts on monitors/bookshelf speakers that sound good in these sorts of applications?
Another vote for Tetra 120u. My first decent speakers. Sound great on stands, great on maple plinths on the floor, and I currently have them on their sides on a shelf.  Stands sound best but very good sound on a shelf. 
A pair of Totem Signature One’s will work wonders!! This speaker has been in production for decades. For a reason.

Also, EPOS makes speakers that work very well in tight spaces.

Matt M
Signature Ones will not work well in a tight space. Totem recommends a minimum of 1 foot from rear walls but anyone that's owned Model Ones knows they need at least 2-4 feet. 
Focal Aria 906 on ISO Acoustic Aperta 200 stands would be my highest recommendation anywhere near that price point.