Bookshelf speakers with the good bass.

Recently I've purchased Harbeth Compact 7 speakers. Vocals
are beautiful but not enough bass. My room is 17' x 11' x 9'
and speakers are placed along the long wall. Listening
distance is 9'. Speakers are placed 14" from rear wall and
7' apart. I know that my room is not ideal and that I cannot
use floorstanding speakers. Any suggestions on bookshelf
speakers with the good bass for my room. I forgot to mention,
I really wouldn't like to use subwoofer
I can stretch up to 4K.
Thanks in advance
Bass is not Harbeth's forte. I have the SHL5 in a similar room and although bass performance is decent, bass doesn't go too deep and lacks tautness and agility in comparison to some other dynamic speakers that excel on bass. You might want to look at ATC SCM20 Signatures. Before that you need to check whether your amps are capable of driving these.
Hi Again!
A couple of days ago I've auditioned the Totem Mani 2.
What to say, I was looking left and right to see where is Subwoofer. Great sound but they need a lots of power.
Definitely no Dynaudios BM15p. I even contacted sellers
from Europe but no luck, old stock is sold and nobody have
them anymore. Other option are Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 but
not too many people is familiar with Fritzspeakers.
Did anybody heard them. I would really appreciate any
comments on Carbon 7 speakers. Again, THANKS A LOT to all
of You on Yours suggestions. Just to mention. I have very
moderate system, Rogue Audio Perseus Tube Preamp and
NAD C275BEE Power Amplifier. Maybe this will help with
Your suggestions.
If you haven't already, post a separate thread on the Fritzspeakers Carbon 7. Several Agoners own them and will probably respond to a thread with the Carbon 7 name in the subject line.
do yourself a favor and contact Fritz

the carbon 7's are the best monitors ive ever heard under $4k