bookshelf speakers

I know that bookshelf speakers are not meant to be actually placed in a bookshelf, but I can I do? I only have room for a pair in a long bookshelf. It is actually more a ear level (sitting) bar with some books on it. No room for stands. I would like some help from you guys to shortlist a few speakers that would serve my needs. Again, the place for the speakers is a shelf about 50cm wide and therefore there is some room for a placement away from the wall. There are not other shelves on top of it. All suggestions are welcome. At this point I still don't have an expected budget, which I will define as soon as I have shortlisted the speakers.

Thanks for your help.
I have the same constraints. I have Von Schweikert VR-1 speakers sitting in bookshelves. They are amazing. Very surprising. One might think the sound would be severely compromised but, in fact, it is holographic. The speakers disappear. The only thing lacking is extreme depth but there is depth, height and width. Voices and acoustic instruments are very real. I added a small closed REL sub which crosses over at 50 Hz. It adds a lot to the realism.
There are a couple speakers called the'Clue' and 'Guru', that are made for close to a wall and not sound bass heavy. I just can't think of the builder right now. There are others but, I don't recall them.
Clue is by Sjon or something very similar. Very very nice when set up close to the wall.
I totally agree with Rar1 that RegaRS1 sound just fine in a bookshelf, R1 even better, used them for years in bookshelf and I'm picky about my sound.