Boressen speakers

i had the chance to listen to these last year, also planning to listen to them in Munich this year.

I look to purchase a pair not sure which model yet

What is your experience?



@arafiq I am very curious to hear X3 as well. My local dealer has it now, I will probably make a trip soon. 

I don't know how Joseph Audio speakers sound. There used to be a local dealer but apparently didn't sell well enough. 

In the category of compact floorstanders, the best I've heard was the Gryphon EOS2. I actually preferred it to much more expensive Borresen 05. IMO, the Gryphon had the same level of refinements as Borresen but more fun sounding. I enjoyed my time with Borresen but with Gryphon I was tapping my feet and genuinely had a roaring time. 

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@arafiq I missed the part where you said you have an Aavik amp. Which one are you using? I see it’s not listed on your profile. 


Joseph will sound more full, a bit bloomier than the X3. 

I really appreciate your feedback. I actually prefer speakers that are more full sounding with a bit of bloom. I'll take these two characteristics over clarity and speed any day. The JA Perspective2s are so well balanced and refined that I think I will have to spend at least twice as much to get something that's considerably better. The only thing I wish the JAs had more of is a bit more tonal density. Other than that, I really love everything else about them. More than likely I will stick with Joseph Audio.

On a related note, I really enjoyed reading your review of the T+A speakers. Based on what you described, they sound more to my liking. Maybe I'll wait till used ones show up in the market as the new pricing is outside my budget for now.

I really need to quit being lazy and update my virtual system. I replaced three components (Audio Hungary Qualiton a50i, Denafrips Terminator II, Innuos Zenith MKe) with Aavik (U-280 integrated amp+DAC combo and S-280 streamer). Honestly, when Tyler from Next Level Hifi sent me the U-280 for auditioning, I was fully prepared to send it back. I never thought I'd replace my class A tube amp with class D, but here we are :)

BTW, I completely agree with @steakster . I've been reading, appreciating, and admiring your posts here on audiogon for some time. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and honesty is a breath of fresh air. It's obvious that you are an enthusiast first (and foremost) and a dealer second. I would not hesitate doing business with you when the time comes. Thank you!

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