Boressen speakers

i had the chance to listen to these last year, also planning to listen to them in Munich this year.

I look to purchase a pair not sure which model yet

What is your experience?



They are very expensive except for their entry level floor standers at $11k 

all their better quality is $40k and up. 

MBL I feel is that most balanced as a omni directional speaker even off axis 

their entry level 126 is excellent ,just give it 2 good subwoofers and you have a exceptional Loudspeaker system for a very fair price .

@arafiq Given your preferences, I would stay away from the X3. If your heart is set on going Borresen down the road, I would opt for a higher series like Z Cryo or 0 which are more refined and have more density to the tone. 

I would also agree that some of the T+A speakers fall in your preferences for being richer sounding, especially the T+A Talis and Solitaire lines. I’ll shoot you a PM with more thoughts since this thread is not about T+A. Wilson and Legacy Speakers are two other brands that may fall into your consideration set. 

Thank you also for your kind of words. Much of what you say is a result of a community that has been inviting enough for me to participate and reciprocate our shared passion for audio. 

I agree with the Borresen /Joseph comparison above.

No one mentioned the patent Borresen holds.

I listened to Lars Christensen at RMAF? a few years 

back give a 6 minute dissertation on how differently made  the

Borresen products are as compared any others. Basically confirmed

what my ears told me. They are the best. But Jeff J's speakers have

an advantage for anyone with sensitive ears. Either one is a great choice!

Whatever speakers you may choose from Boressen you should go only to their Cryo technology cause it does significantly makes a difference in the music been played. Witnessed that in their headquarters last year.


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