Boressen speakers

i had the chance to listen to these last year, also planning to listen to them in Munich this year.

I look to purchase a pair not sure which model yet

What is your experience?



I agree with the Borresen /Joseph comparison above.

No one mentioned the patent Borresen holds.

I listened to Lars Christensen at RMAF? a few years 

back give a 6 minute dissertation on how differently made  the

Borresen products are as compared any others. Basically confirmed

what my ears told me. They are the best. But Jeff J's speakers have

an advantage for anyone with sensitive ears. Either one is a great choice!

Whatever speakers you may choose from Boressen you should go only to their Cryo technology cause it does significantly makes a difference in the music been played. Witnessed that in their headquarters last year.


I attended the 2023 Florida Hi Fi Expo in Tampa......Was impressed by the MBL Room and the Magico’s.....Oz also had a great room and so did the Naim/Focal group.......BUT when I entered the Borresen room with the X-3’s playing Johnny Cash ....well , that was Stunning to say the least.I care only about one these speakers take me away, to another place in time...are they "magical" and are they duplicating what I would hear if the artist was really on stage , right in front of me. The Borresen X-3’s do it in spades! There are alot of great speakers in the 11K range, but these sounded like much more expensive speakers...I listened to the higher priced Borresens and kept thinking..."Are these worth this kind of money"....I’m not sure but I can tell you all that the X-3’s are the best sounding speakers I ever heard under $20K....The tweeter is the same as their 100K model and their cabinet is unmatched at this price prove that I’m not blowing smoke here....I bought a pair and will receive them in a couple weeks . ( There is a wait...they’re in high demand) Every so often a product hits the Hi Fi market that is a smashing value and a smashing success. The Borresen x-3 speaker is one of those rare products...Highly Recommended...I also picked up a demo Aavik U-150 ...An amp that is as warm and musical as the best class A amps..Steve Huff replaced his Pass and Nagra amps with the Aavik U-150 with a world class DAC and world class MC phono stage...That’s saying something!......Class D done right.Good Luck to All.......

I've listened to the Z3 for extended periods, on multiple occasions.

I found very little wrong with them.

What really struck me. was a very natural sounding attack and decay. But I could not find any other major weaknesses. Detail was also about as good as I have heard. 

Soundstage is also near the top of what I have heard. Image specificity, and layering, is world class. I got the impression, I could walk into the soundstage and grab the violist's bow from their hands.  


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