Borresen Acoustics Speakers - Have you heard them & what did you think?

Borresen Acoustics have recently launched three models of loudspeaker.   The chief designer is ex-Raidho Acoustics.  Just wondering whether anyone heard or auditioned them and if so what were your impressions?  When commenting please let us know what loudspeakers you have today as this provides a useful point of reference.   
Which Borresen Acoustics loudspeaker model did you listen to Steve59? 

What did you think of them?   

What speakers do you currently own? 

I don't know what model other than they were floorstanding apparently full range 3 ways. I don't even recall if there were 3 or 4 drivers in the boxes, sorry. I have a pair of salon 2's being driven by a hegel h360 int. I was riding mu motorcycle on a rare 50f december day past an appt only shop that was having a new release show for the speakers and they were gracious enough to let me in! I was dressed way too warm to hang around for more than a few songs and I've never heard that room before. That said the speakers had an open mid range tight full bass and just enough edge on 1 song for another listener to ask how many hours were on them. I've heard that hyper detail on ribbon tweeters before but only heard it once during the audition and I think it was an artifact of the recording. really attractive speakers. 
Thanks for the additional insight Steve59.   Much appreciated.  Where did you hear them?   I'm guessing the Borresen Acoustics loudspeakers were still new and being broken in?   Can you recall the answer to how many hours were on them?  I am familiar with the Revel Salon2's and the Hegel H360 integrated.   Both great products. 
Next level in wayne. He said they had a power outage and his best guess would be 150 hrs. Curious or looking to purchase? Thanks for the compliments on my gear. 
Thanks for the reply Steve59.   I am mostly curious about opinions on the Borresen Acoustics loudspeaker range.  Raidho loudspeakers which i've listened too have been great - but i've read some reports that suggest the Borresen speakers are even better and this has peaked my interest.