Borresen Acoustics Speakers - Have you heard them & what did you think?

Borresen Acoustics have recently launched three models of loudspeaker.   The chief designer is ex-Raidho Acoustics.  Just wondering whether anyone heard or auditioned them and if so what were your impressions?  When commenting please let us know what loudspeakers you have today as this provides a useful point of reference.   
Thanks for the additional insight Steve59.   Much appreciated.  Where did you hear them?   I'm guessing the Borresen Acoustics loudspeakers were still new and being broken in?   Can you recall the answer to how many hours were on them?  I am familiar with the Revel Salon2's and the Hegel H360 integrated.   Both great products. 
Next level in wayne. He said they had a power outage and his best guess would be 150 hrs. Curious or looking to purchase? Thanks for the compliments on my gear. 
Thanks for the reply Steve59.   I am mostly curious about opinions on the Borresen Acoustics loudspeaker range.  Raidho loudspeakers which i've listened too have been great - but i've read some reports that suggest the Borresen speakers are even better and this has peaked my interest.
I haven’t heard them yet, but they’re not going to release a new speaker line without making sure they’re better than the Raidho lines. I’m sure they did lots of comparing with Raidhos they already had on hand.

The only thing is since the Raidho tweeter design is so old, and they have supposedly made the new tweeter “better,” who knows what better is to them by now.  For all we know, maybe the tweeter is brighter and livelier, which sounds better to them but not to me.  I doubt it however.

Either way, they are making without a doubt some of the best speakers in the world. They’re in my top 5 brands for sure. Michael and Lars are perhaps the most respectable and likeable people in the audio industry in my opinion.
Hello Contuzzi and thank you so much for your comments.  Yes, the Raidho tweeter, which is widely considered one of the best in the business, is now a design which is over 15 years old.  Early reports published elsewhere from a Raidho owner who has listened to Borresen and Raidho speakers side by side indicate his opinion that the new Borresen tweeter resolves more detail - so that peaked my interest.   I do agree with you that the guys behind the company are widely liked and respected.  You seem knowledgeable on Raidho.  Do you own a pair of their wonderful loudspeakers?