Borresen Loudspeakers

Had the opportunity to attend the launch event of the Borresen X1 loudspeakers last night in Chicago @nextlevelhifi ​​​​​with @jays_audio_lab. From their M6 at $550k per pair all the way down to the newly launched X1 speakers last night at $5500 your ears will smile. Amazing what a 4.5” driver can do. If you are in the market for any price range speaker about $5,000 and up you have to hear these. Imaging is 3 dimensional, larger than life soundstage and just absolutely stunning performance with a look that will fit any room. This manufacturer out of Denmark really gets it and I don’t care what price point you are looking at these speakers will out perform speakers double the price.  If you are buying speakers up to $25k you have to hear their $11k option.  The rep for Borresen is hitting all the shows/events over the next several months in the US. Oh, and by the way, I loved the X1 so much I bought the first pair that will ship to me in early March!

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which audio vector are you talking about?The Arrete version are more expensive than the X3.

They are very expensive but worth every dollar if you can afford them.  I picked up a used pair of Borresen 05 Silver Edition for a third of the price and they are simply amazing speakers and the last pair of speakers I will ever have to buy.  I could not be happier... they sound great for any type of music from rock to jazz but really shine with vocals. 

Are the Borresen loudspeakers made in Denmark or China?

I thought I heard China.


They don't use other companies drivers they design and manufacture their own drivers they don't use other companies I thought you'd know that lol


The X-Series cabinets are made in China everything else is made in Denmark, all the other higher-end models are all made in Denmark.