Borresen Loudspeakers

Had the opportunity to attend the launch event of the Borresen X1 loudspeakers last night in Chicago @nextlevelhifi ​​​​​with @jays_audio_lab. From their M6 at $550k per pair all the way down to the newly launched X1 speakers last night at $5500 your ears will smile. Amazing what a 4.5” driver can do. If you are in the market for any price range speaker about $5,000 and up you have to hear these. Imaging is 3 dimensional, larger than life soundstage and just absolutely stunning performance with a look that will fit any room. This manufacturer out of Denmark really gets it and I don’t care what price point you are looking at these speakers will out perform speakers double the price.  If you are buying speakers up to $25k you have to hear their $11k option.  The rep for Borresen is hitting all the shows/events over the next several months in the US. Oh, and by the way, I loved the X1 so much I bought the first pair that will ship to me in early March!

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I am the happy owner of Raidho D.1.1 and I can recommend these speakers to anyone who can afford them! They are so great that I am sure they will be the last ones I will own for the rest of my life!

Excuse my not knowing the Borresen product line but their website doesn't list X1 or X3s.  On the website they list the Borresen 01 Silver Supreme Edition and the Borresen 03.  Are these the X1 and X3?  I plan to listen to the Borresen and the Clarisys Minuets speakers at the upcoming Florida Audio Expo and want to make sure I'm listening to the correct Borresen models being discussed here.

@ cycles 2.... The AGD website can be tricky to navigate. The X 3's are listed, but the X 1's are not.  Here is a link to them. The X and O series are 2 completely different lines. The O's are a premium line below the M series of speakers.I believe the X3 and X1 will be in different rooms on the 6th floor in Florida. The M3's  will be part of a reference system in a ground level room.


I went to the website because I'm really wanted to learn about these speakers. This is the worst website and very annoying. All I want to see is the speakers and maybe some specs and the model line and it was a major effort to figure out all your website stuff. Why is it so difficult to figure your products out?

The people who design the website actually use it? Do the executives at the company get frustrated with their website?

What your wrote sounds EXACTLY like the kef blades. Especially the imaging and soundstage part

i especially like the part where you said they sound like they cost a multiple of their price point… as if you took it directly from a kef review or forum post


Sounds like they are a full decade late to the market