Borresen Loudspeakers

Had the opportunity to attend the launch event of the Borresen X1 loudspeakers last night in Chicago @nextlevelhifi ​​​​​with @jays_audio_lab. From their M6 at $550k per pair all the way down to the newly launched X1 speakers last night at $5500 your ears will smile. Amazing what a 4.5” driver can do. If you are in the market for any price range speaker about $5,000 and up you have to hear these. Imaging is 3 dimensional, larger than life soundstage and just absolutely stunning performance with a look that will fit any room. This manufacturer out of Denmark really gets it and I don’t care what price point you are looking at these speakers will out perform speakers double the price.  If you are buying speakers up to $25k you have to hear their $11k option.  The rep for Borresen is hitting all the shows/events over the next several months in the US. Oh, and by the way, I loved the X1 so much I bought the first pair that will ship to me in early March!

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The Borrensen Loudspeakers are very good , as well

as the whole Denmark Audio group !

Hopefully the punctuations are clear enough Roxy .

I went with the X1 as I have several other Floor-Standers, I wanted a good monitor with good sound and the X1 fit that bill. Speakers just showed up today, will start the break in process.. Still torn on the Axxess Forte’ as the main difference between the Forte’ 1,2, and 3 are the amount of the Tesla Coils, and those if you look them up (Tesla Coils) are not that expensive but it’s good to see their electronics coming with trickledown tech as well. But lower noise floor usually was handled by Ansuz power to lower the noise floor never thought those would make a difference but it did.. 

@gandalf usually I would guess the mid model is the sweet spot.  Look forward to hearing what you think after you've had some time with burn in.

Of course my speakers arrived @nextlevelhifi yesterday and I am heading out on vacation today so I’ll have to wait a week. Would have been great to have let them play for a week while I was out of town.  

@woots see if Josh or Tyler will run them in for you while you’re gone. They do it all the time for customers.