Borresen X3 at Axpona

I listened to these speakers at Axpona and thought they were amazing for the price..Very open,forward midrange. Any opinions out there on these? We listened to Jonny Cash and his voice was incredible.l would highly consider buying a pair of these for 11K


@blisshifi, Thanks for the explanation!

You are saying that the Borresen X3 speakers have two crossover points, but are two and half way not three way. Got it. To me a two and half speaker seemed a little bogus.

FWIW,I own a pair of two way speakers with one crossover point, @ 1000Hz with three drivers in each speaker the manufacturer says they are two way because they only have one crossover point, regardless of driver quantity.😎


I have Raidho X3, designed by MB . 4 mid bass drivers plus a woofer. They give a laid back scene. The bass is helped by a Devialet amp with the SAM technology. They go really low and dense. But their biggest quality is the absence of distortion, crossover distortion. I have come to beleive that crossovers generate phase differences . At around the crossover frequencies, the sound comes from two completely different devices. The ear picks that up and it is disturbing. MB knows that very well. In my X3s, the two pairs cross over at different frequencies. At that point, the other drivers are tuned to play louder than the two crossing over, thus hiding the inherent distortion of the crossover. There is an interview of MB somewhere explaining all that.  I bought those X3 because they sounded cleaner than the Wilsons, Magico and Audiovector they were up against at Filtronique in Montreal. They sound like an electrostatic in that respect. After a year, I went to Montreal Audio fest and boy, only a few setups were as clean as what I now am accustomed to. 

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