BØrresen Z1 (cryo) vs. Radiho C1 (.2)

I am looking at these two stand-mount models for my first ever speaker setup. I know both models have great reviews and consumer feedbacks, but I’ve not read anything directly comparing the two. The raidho was more expensive but now has dropped in price more than the BØrresen which is more recent, making it even harder to gauge. 

Room size is limited. 11*13 ish.
For amps, I’m looking at Vitus and Boulder’s intro level integrated.

Source is playback mps-5 which I believe will never be the bottle neck.

thx all.


Basing your opinion on reviews is not a way to buy speakers. IMHO.

I know that visiting a dealer these days is more difficult, but if you are serious about buying, it would be in your best interests to try to make an appointment with a dealer and listen for yourself. Speakers are a very personal decision. Something that relying upon others, should be avoided.

Again, IMHO.


+1 @gdnrbob Given the size of the investment you are making for a first system, it would be money well spent to go someplace where you can audition both. Honestly, you might not like either one once you hear them. Speakers are that way. 

I agree with the above comments  having said that I would think it rather hard to go listen....the Z series is discontinued replaced by the C series if not mistaken. The C 1.2 is also an older design...Both designed by the same guy I would just guess they sound more a like than different 

@chesterzhong ,

I hope all these responses don't make you feel like we're ganging up on you.

The fact is that I was able to listen to lots of speakers because I lived in NYC during the 80's. It was being in a place with lots of dealers and having time to waste listening to systems that allowed me to know what I liked and what I didn't. Unfortunately, dealers are in short supply and only in major cities. So, I can understand why you might want to base your choices on the 'best reviewed'. 

-But, remember these reviewers don't have YOUR ears, and what sounds good to them might sound 'meh' to you.

A lot of what makes a speaker sounds good is often tied to that trite term 'synergy', but I have to say it is quite true. You really need to put the right components together in order to get a sweet sounding system. Add to that, the cables and power cords- though to a lesser degree. Also, even when using streaming and digital, how you choose to playback will make a big difference.

One final question- Are you building a new system or are you adding speakers to an existing system?


Replying to above comments, I’m also contacting local dealers for demos in the meantime. So I’m more like gathering first hand experience and third hand opinions at the same time.

I know that all systems are different, and room and power treatments also play a huge part. So I want to make myself enough informed when evaluating my listening experiences at local shops.

Right now I have a headphone system, and the MPS-5 will naturally remain as the source for the speaker system.