Bose 901 Series V Questions

Please no Bose bashers.

#1. Has anyone ever listened to these speakers backwards ?

( with the 8 woofers facing you )...interested in your opinion regarding sound ...good or bad ?

#2.  Can the color of the drivers be black as well as blue ?

I am running my Bose Equalizer between Amp and Preamp...Is that a good way ?

Thank you 


The PA version of Bose speakers has 8 speakers facing out of course, and sound bad without the EQ.

The best sound I got from 901s was in front of a brick wall. With the V towards the wall. That wall had a surprisingly large impact on the sound. And breathing space. The V maybe three-four feet in front.

And of course, most of the time I did use the equalizer. But I never liked the sound of it. This was the v2 version. I thought of getting a better equalizer but never got around to it.

The front speaker was in its own enclosure to act more like a woofer. I never took the eq out of the loop either. 

I once watched a movie, or maybe it was one of those CSI shows on the TV, in which the crime scene room had a pair of Bose 901 speakers with the "V" pointed out into the room. I could understand the prop man making that mistake as that’s the side that houses most of the drivers. Back in the ’70’s I bought a used set without an equalizer and they sounded pretty bad. I bought a second set and wired them in parallel, one set on their stands and the other hanging a couple of feet from the ceiling directly above the first set and powered by a Phase Linear 700B. I thought I had attained the "absolute sound"!


"I tried wearing my T-shirt backwards, but it was very uncomfortable.

I believe that if I try that with speakers the effect will be nearly-same."

It’s moments like these that keep me coming back to this forum on a daily basis.