Bose 901 Series V Questions

Please no Bose bashers.

#1. Has anyone ever listened to these speakers backwards ?

( with the 8 woofers facing you )...interested in your opinion regarding sound ...good or bad ?

#2.  Can the color of the drivers be black as well as blue ?

I am running my Bose Equalizer between Amp and Preamp...Is that a good way ?

Thank you 



I've had several pairs of 901s of different vintage.  If setup exactly to Bose specs the wall that the 8 drivers face needs to an empty space as well as the adjoining walls for at least the first reflection point.  Yes the Bose equalizer is a sore spot.  And massive power helps (that's what they like).

I have a pair of 901 Series VI right now in my second system which is in the garage playing backward.  They sound really good (for what they are) considering my garage is all concrete and 1000 square feet.  They are sitting on typical crappy steel shelving (Lowes, Home Dopey) about eight apart.  Quite a bit of bass that way as proximity to the ceiling seems to create coupling. 

Interesting that everyone, including audiophiles, just kinda shake their heads because they go far past what they were expecting.  Of course being driven by a tubed ARC preamp and ARC SS amp doesn't hurt.

So, yes you can run them backward to good effect.



   I had and liked a pair of 901's from 1972 til 199?..when the 500W Bose amp shorted for a second time, taking out one of it's channels and frying all the drivers on that side.  Replaced with Vandersteen 2ci's.

  I use the remaining speaker for my back surround in normal v to the wall, to spread the sound as intended...use the HT AV amp room correction to replace the equalizer.  Works great but of course there's only occasional sounds coming from the back channel. (surround music CD's/DVDs are fun).

I’ve had my 901’s for many years now, and still enjoy them. But recently I swapped out the equalizers (I have two pair) for equalizers from Deer Creek Audio, and WOW!  I’m hearing details I’ve never heard before. (A new preamp also undoubtedly helps). I listen to both music and movies/tv, and as part of a home theater setup, they work great. 

I got to be on a first name basis with the apartment manager and a few of the local constabulary with introductions handled by a pair of 901's. They were hung from the ceiling in the reflex position. As I recall the Bose pre ran through an SAE 2100L and then into A Stereophon amp, and then into a Phase Linear after the Stereophon blew. I think listening to Led Zeppelin through a pair of 901's at 11 should be on everyone's bucket list. BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed my 501's for years, and I wish I had them back.