Bose 901 VI flat?

I purchased a pair of Bose 901 VI speakers recently and a new Sony STRDH190 receiver.  I have wanted these speakers for years and finally got them.  Problem is, they sound flat and weaker than expected.  I adjusted the bass and treble to my liking but that only helped a little.  I have the Bose EQ that came with the speakers but i'm not using it due to new receiver technology.  Am i doing something wrong? I know these are great speakers with a great history.  


The 901 Series VI was never much for bass imho.

They sound absolutely great though as mid/highs with anything lower than ~500 hz is removed from their signal.

Though I AM a bit of an uncouth barbarian.... I use the heck out of a separate eq also, just leave the bose eq centered and adjust tone control with either receiver bass/treble (mid if it has it) or separate eq.

Don’t forget placement either, big difference depending on where they are placed.

Sorry to hear this Jon.  Bose 901s were revolutionary in the 70s. They have traded on that momentum ever sense. I had a dealer buddy who used to say "No highs, no lows...must be Bose."

If you are looking for big rock sound the new big Cerwin Vegas may be an an answer. Give them a listen. 

Your Hi Fi journey has begun. Enjoy the ride! 

As I remember  the eq and speaker placement are critical to enjoying these classics.


YIf you finally got your dream speakers keep them!

i’d get rid of the Sony receiver. Not being able to use the Bose EQ is a deal breaker. The onboard “toys” destroy definition and and crush dynamic range. The 901s don’t stand a chance to sound like ... 901s.

See if you can get your hands on a good “old school” receiver or separates and give them a good listen before you give up on your dream.