Bottlehead Crack

Anyone hear built a Bottlehead Crack? Love to hear what your experiences have been

thanks for the information I have been to those websites and know they recommend against using 32 ohm cans with the Crack unit I was just curious (and hoping for better news) as to what happens in the circuit and you cleared it up nicely. I would prefer not to tax the tubes

I have decided to buy the Sennheiser HD600s and the Crack so I can hear for myself the two together.

Philjolet, great! let us know how the HD600-Crack combination works out. Will it be all that its Cracked out to be? Will you get high on it? ;-D
Bombaywalla, I will let you know when I get everything going which will probably be at least a month away...(without the Speedball) ;^)

btw your system looks amazing!

good job!