Bottlehead Crack

Anyone hear built a Bottlehead Crack? Love to hear what your experiences have been
Go to the Bottlehead crack forum, FAQ section, question #6. Using a 32 ohm headset, you'll be down 3 dB at 50hz
Thanks Zavato. I agree with this number now. the high-pass filter is formed by a 100uF & a 32 Ohms (of the headphone) & indeed the -3dB corner of this high-pass filter = 50Hz (49.76Hz to be exact).

Philjolet, just FYI: this same FAQ #6 also states exactly what I stated - low impedance headphones will tax the Crack unit by asking it source too much current.

This FAQ section might a good one to read for you Crack owners (those that have not already read it)
Thanks guys!

Bottlehead seems to be very thorough.

I decided the most important thing is getting the Crack to sound it's best so I bought some Sennheiser HD600s. It will be a while before I get the amp (they ship them in batches) and then I have to build it.

I will report back when I actually get to listen.