Bottlehead Crack

Anyone hear built a Bottlehead Crack? Love to hear what your experiences have been
I am in the process of building their bee pre. Very impressed so far everything is laid out good and the instructions are phenomenal with lots of pictures. It's my second kit one I did from another manufacturer was brutal. Some parts didn't match the instructions and when you asked questions basically all he said was look at the schematic. I would definitely recommend bottle head for anyone as their first kit or who is nervous about DIY.
It looks like you get a lot with the BeePre for $1175.00. I have never seen 300B tubes in a preamp. I do not know much about this stuff but I am guessing it is way over built so it cruises along easily handling all signals.

Everything I have read about the Bottlehead stuff is that the directions are very well done. I look forward to getting mine soon.

Good luck with your project Analogluvr
feedback on crack

* built my crack about 4 years ago
* using a senn 600 since day 1 with the crack
* very straight forward build
* added the speed ball mod 6 months after building the crack - just do it, you will never look back; inexpensive upgrade and worth it
* background is dead black quiet
* i use an old nakamichi cd player to drive crack
* the crack and cd player are used at work; probably have 3000+ hours on the crack and original tubes
* my crack has had zero issues since i built it
* never fatiguing; glorious warm otl sound at work
* home system is wavestream phono/line, mfa 200B amps, and magnaplanars...i look forward to cd listening at work while looking forward to album listening at home
* overall - great amp bottlehead designed; no need for me to try other head amps.

It is amazing. I have Bottlehead Crack along with some VST plugins and I am pretty satisfied when I use them in combination together.