Bought a new McIntosh amp

Hello folks !
I just bought a new MC152 and now having doubts about my decision. I currently have Rotel RB-1552 mkII / RC1572 setup driving a pair of Paradigm 800f. I have not opened the sealed box yet because I’m thinking of returning the amp to be exchanged for new speakers (Klipsch) and an Rotel RB-1582 amp (more power 200w p/c).
While at Audio Advice store, I went in another demo room and listened to a Heresy IV driven by a different McIntosh setup ( MC462) and I was impressed but the mind was still on the path of getting the mc152 instead of replacing speakers.
Is it safe bet to just keep the mc152 and get a feel of speaker change later ?
I’d like to hear opinions good or bad about the MC152. Thanks !

I do realized mc462 and mc152 are different, price is almost double with the 462. Budget is the limiting factor here.
The MC152 is a very nice sounding amp and actually one of the best matches for Klipsch Heritage speakers. 
It tests at 190 wpc at clipping.  
it gets disrespect because it isn't a Mac behemoth but so what.  
open and enjoy.  maybe get a good tube preamp.  
ps Rotel is not good imho.   
My thoughts as a McIntosh owner and long time fan. Make one change at a time, and if you're considering Klipsch Heresy IVs, start there.

Try the Klipsch out with your current Rotel amp (that extra 50 watts is unlikely to matter with the efficiency of the Heresy) and your 150watt Rotel  is plenty of power for that speaker. Then, figure out what you want in a new amp once you really know the speakers (more thrust, higher damping factor, softer or brighter signature, tubes?)

I'd bring the MC152 back, and take some time to consider what I really want in my next amp. I'm sure the MC152 is worthy of owning, but you'll probably get more mileage from a speaker swap.

Bring the mac152 back NOW. Listen to other amps I think once you try others you will realize the Mac is just ok and others will be sonically better.
avanti1960,, I had a short demo at Crutchfield but it was hooked up only to a B&W bookshelf, i think its the 706. It sounded nice, and that got my attention to the model that I can afford. 
 yakbob,,,, I just might keep it and use my Rotel pre-amp for now. going to look for a used Rogue pre or used my 40 year old HK as pre-amp.