Bought a new McIntosh amp

Hello folks !
I just bought a new MC152 and now having doubts about my decision. I currently have Rotel RB-1552 mkII / RC1572 setup driving a pair of Paradigm 800f. I have not opened the sealed box yet because I’m thinking of returning the amp to be exchanged for new speakers (Klipsch) and an Rotel RB-1582 amp (more power 200w p/c).
While at Audio Advice store, I went in another demo room and listened to a Heresy IV driven by a different McIntosh setup ( MC462) and I was impressed but the mind was still on the path of getting the mc152 instead of replacing speakers.
Is it safe bet to just keep the mc152 and get a feel of speaker change later ?
I’d like to hear opinions good or bad about the MC152. Thanks !

I am not familiar with the Mac amps.  But I cannot imagine splitting the funds from a single component into two is likely to result in a step towards better sound. That has never worked for me. Always stretch to the max on a single component… then save, save, save for the next. That is the way to audio nirvana.
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There's more than one path to sonic bliss, and it doesn't need to cost a fortune. Just going off of retail prices, the mc152 is $5,000. 

Granted, i don't know what all of your needs are in an amp, but you could roll that 5k into a pair of Heresy's at $3200 and a Bob Latino ST-70 tube amp with el34s or KT-66s for $1400. That pairing would likely outperform your Rotel amp even with lower wattage. The Tubes4Hifi amps don't have the overly warm and slow sound of the original Dynaco units. I've owned both and still have the Latino amp. Its a terrific value.

well if you beat a MC240 in factory specs, you should consider yourself as a top amp designer !

i would get a 275