Bought a system without auditioning, thoughts?

Long story but I ended up buying a system without auditioning a single component and haven’t set it up, what are your thoughts? Technic SL 1210 GR, nagaoka mp-500, eversolo dmp-a6, pass labs xp 17, pass labs int-250, klipsch forte iv, Cardas clear Cygnus speaker cable, Cardas clear interconnects, Cardas clear Cygnus phono cable.  I know I don’t need the int-250 for the klipsch but got a great deal.


I primarily buy used.  I will audition a piece of gear for several months this way.  If it isn't one of my favs, I just re sell it.  

In my opinion, auditing for a few hours in a room that isn't yours, with equipment that isn't yours is no match to listening in your room with your own equipment for a few weeks.  I like buying really good used equipment at a good price.  I change equipment and cyle things through and eventually sell what I no longer use.  I've done remarkably well not losing my shirt and I've been able to audition some different gear over the years which is really what it's all about.   

Auditioning?! How many here have purchased used gear for 30 years like I have without ever auditioning a single component? Auditioning, what’s that?

Many dealers and online audio companies have a "try it out first" policy. About 3/4 of my equipment was purchased this way. But I also went to my dealer on two 4 hour listening sessions since he sells equipment from his home. Don Better in Shaker Heights, OH.

@jshira now, some of the more critical bits have been put together...

Initial thoughts?

Is it a hit? (*OW!*) Or a miss? (f/m voice, clueless: *Whaaat?*)

Nosey Noisy Nattering Nabobs Need NoLedge......;)