Bought the Chord Qutest. Love it. Hate the power supply.

Everything about this DAC is incredible except for the dinky power supply. I wondered if others didn't like it, so I Googled it and noticed that people were upgrading and noticing a sonic difference!

I am not interested in spending much money, but I would like to replace it with something that is an improvement for my ears and my peace of mind. 

Any suggestions?>


My recollection is that the designer chose that particular wall wart based on sound, but on the Darko you tube review, an inexpensive upgraded power supply is recommended.

I have a friend running his off a Shanti LPS and very happy. 

I run my DAVE off of a Farad Super 3 set.  More expensive but very very good.  

Either one will be a noticable improvement.

Comparing the Qutest to my DAVE, you got a lot of bang for your buck there. Great DAC.  I bought my DAVE after listening to the Qutest.


I have a Chord Qutest, and can vouch that it is quite good using the stock power supply; but also agree that the sq can be improved by using a better power supply.

For the last year I have been running my Qutest with an IFI Ipower Elite 5v power supply.  This is the top of IFI's current lineup.  It is an ultra quiet smps that competes with linear power supplies.  It retails for $300.  I also have a friend that was very happy using an Sbooster 5v LPS with his Qutest.

You guys are hypocrites. These responses are annoying. You’ve never liked the way something sounds but knew something could be upgraded?


“These speakers sound great, but I should replace this lamp cord speaker wire. What should I buy?”

”You just said they sound great. Why bother?”

We have all been doing this hobby for many years. We know how these conversations go. So if you can’t recommend a power supply, why bother responding to this?

It’s like the people that say “only your ears will tell you”. Wow. Profound.

The provided PS is really low quality by anyone’s standards. It is commonly known that the DAC only gets better with a better power supply. If you can’t help, don’t. 

Nick…I owned Qutest for some time and liked it a lot. Rob Watts knows what he’s doing. Don’t soup up the Qutest. If you want to spend money, spend it on next level DAC.