Bought the Chord Qutest. Love it. Hate the power supply.

Everything about this DAC is incredible except for the dinky power supply. I wondered if others didn't like it, so I Googled it and noticed that people were upgrading and noticing a sonic difference!

I am not interested in spending much money, but I would like to replace it with something that is an improvement for my ears and my peace of mind. 

Any suggestions?>



Your reaction to replies don’t make sense. People are simply responding to what you wrote, these were your words. You describe the sound as “incredible “ . So in your opinion the sonic performance is awesome/outstanding:phenomenal etc. If so, then the supplied SMPS is functioning very well.

No one suggested that further sonic improvement is not possible with a LPS upgrade, not anyone. Chord it seems uses a good quality SMPS with their DACs. The higher level Dave uses a SMPS and owners are apparently very happy with them. So utilizing a SMPS wall wart doesn’t imply poor quality. Particularly if it’s in a component described as incredible. Did you perhaps choose this term inappropriately?



We posted nearly the same time, I just saw your reply.

+1 , same idea and reasoning.😊


I over reacted. Kudos to the person who gave a recommendation. I guess my hyperbole was too strong in my original post. 



Bottomline is you are very happy with your Chord DAC. Congratulations!


I had a Chord Qutest and when I added a Teddy Pardo LPS it was a substantial improvement in SQ. I sold the Chord and put the TP LPS on my Bluesound Node. That also was a significant improvement.