Bought the Chord Qutest. Love it. Hate the power supply.

Everything about this DAC is incredible except for the dinky power supply. I wondered if others didn't like it, so I Googled it and noticed that people were upgrading and noticing a sonic difference!

I am not interested in spending much money, but I would like to replace it with something that is an improvement for my ears and my peace of mind. 

Any suggestions?>


I had a Qutest and added a Teddy Pardo 5v LPS.

very substantial positive impact.

I have since moved on from Chord but still have the LPS and happy to sell it.

it also has the cable and kit to work with a Bluesound node.

Happy to sell it. 
DM if interest.

There was something weird about the power supply being deliberately current limited due to the battery charging requirements. 

So long as the batteries are charged, you can swap to a high current supply.

I've had a Chord Qutest for about 3 years now...  Get a Furman power conditioner with Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT)... Plug your DAC, streamer, network switch, router and modem into it... Problem solved...

Particularly if it’s in a component described as incredible. Did you perhaps choose this term inappropriately?

It’s not inappropriate. Incredible is used in the context of the system. Any incredible sounding component can be improved. A $10 power cord can sound incredible and that goes the same for a $100 DAC, if you get my drift.

To the OP - the reason I avoid most Chord DACs is they can’t take a full fledged power cord. I have the Chord QBD76 which sounds awesome. I have a good power cord attached to it which took it to another level.

Good luck.

I have a Qutest and use an Sbooster linear power supply with the Ultra Mk II in line plug in which Sbooster recommends for the Qutest. But even a basic iFi power supply will provide cleaner, quieter power than the stock SMPS. 

Rob obviously knows how to engineer DAC's. Doesn't mean we can't think for ourselves, do what makes sense to us and share our experiences. Or ask one another questions.

I think the quality of the Qutest bears tweeking and upgrading. In fact I feed mine through an Mscaler that I picked up here second hand. This is not Chord's recommended way to move up their product chain, but I am very happy with the result and it is my end game DAC. 

Cheers, and enjoy your Qutest!