Bought the wrong subwoofer!

I was planning to buy a Rel subwoofer but stumbled across a good deal for a SVS sb-2000 pro so I decided to give it a try. Turns out that the the pre-outs on my integrated amp aren’t pre-outs at all but are rec outs (should have put on my glasses). The Svs doesn’t have high level inputs and my amp doesn’t have pre-outs so I’m screwed right? Guess it wasn’t such a great deal after all.



"On another note, every sub I have owned has blended better with the main speakers using the high level inputs. I don’t even try with pre outs anymore."

That is just not true in my experience.

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And for the OP the forum above does reference a Iso-Max unit that can do what you would like.


I can’t return the sub because I bought it from the original owner who also bought and didn’t use it. Also don’t have the box.

i am looking into conversion adapters while also list it for sale and trade.

rec out is not an option as the sub will stay at the same volume regardless of the amps volume setting.


as far as google, I’ve always thought of forums like this as places to seek help and share with others interested in similar pursuits.

There’s gotta be a way to connect the sub

I refuse to believe a receiver has no way to connect to a sub 

There are speaker level to line level adapters. There seems to be some disagreement over whether you need a second set of speaker terminals to connect it to or if you can piggyback it to the same terminals that are driving your main speakers. I think this would compromise the sound of at least your subwoofer if not the mains speakers as well but don’t know just guessing.