Boulder 865, Vitus SS-010 or Karan KA I 180& 8207;?

Hi all,

I've been looking for the ultimate integrated amp for my Sonus Faber Mementos (and Audio Aero Capitole CD) for a while, and I'm heading towards the finale.

I'm looking for a dynamic, musical, warm and truly engaging amp.

The finalists consists of Boulder 865, Vitus SS-010 or Karan KA I 180‏. The Vitus are at least twice as expensive as the Karan, which will ofcourse be taken into account.

I would truly appreciate your opinions regarding these options.

have not heard their integrateds but did hear the vitus and they were superb..
never heard these amps with your speakers but I had the opportunity to listen to them in various combinations. Boulder is the one that I would pay attention ...
Used to have the Boulder amp driving my Memento and found the sound to be dry. You can look into Ayre or Krell which I think will match well with the Memento.
I tried the Boulder and the Vitus and the clear winner was...
... the Dartzeel CTH-8550!

In short: The Dartzeel give me the most natural sound, the Boulder could´t involved me really and bring me closer to the music. The Vitus had not enough power for my room and speakers (Ayon Eagle). Of course the Vitus is not bad but you will always have the feeling that more power would be better.

I don´t listen to the Karan but I read two weekls ago in an English forum that a user sell the Karan and go for the Dartzeel and is very happy.

The above post regarding the darTZeel sounds correct, as does the comment about the Boulder sounding dry. The darTZeel is the solution if you can afford it.