Bow Technologies ZZ8 DAC, Impressions ?

I have recently seen a couple of them on sale on Audiogon.
I would like to know if anyone has heard them ? I know the ZZ8 CDP was a legend, how does this DAC compare with it ?
The DAC is priced at $3k (attractively priced), where does it stand compared to other DACs in that price range and a league higher ?
I thought, with the advent of PC playback a Bow USB DAC would be a hot property.
I own a ZZ8 with the updated DAC, version 2007; it resides in my home, in my studio is a Wadia S7i.
the Wadia is indeed "better" in the sense of space and grip of a pianos initial sound pronounciation - but to be honest: both are really great, and the ZZ8 is not only great sounding, but a design classic. I will not ever want to get rid of it, and hope for a long life..
The USB DAC by Lars Moltke is probably very interesting, but it will have to compete with Ayre and the usual suspects, let alone PD who have asserted themselfs in the highest bandwidth, as opposed to Wadia who seem to tread carefully by Avoiding number-dropping adverts in favour of gorgeous sound! FWIW..
Egidus, thanks for your opinion. Lars Moltke says his DAC is nothing but an improved version of the dac inside the ZZ8 CDP. Going by that description would you like to believe that his DAC would better most other dacs in the market if not PD ?
So sorry, I am not able to judge. It goes a long way in a direction of the Wadia S7i, which I consider better.
But it was prefereable to a Mark Levinson S390.
This is as far as my experience goes.
I also use a Metric Halo ULN2 (non extended) which is very useful, but somehow has not the Wadias magic, nor the Bows body.
Please take care not to compare the MRK I, the MRK II and the modified NOS MRK I and III DAC against each other. They are very different. - Lars Moltke
Regarding BOW ZZ8 MK III (NOS) :

Please watch this space, I am going to review it with a direct comparison to the WADIA S7i. But I need some time.
Sorry took a very long time, lost interest in reviewing as listening was just so much fun. However, I did now do a short longterm description, how the sound works with these two devices..

It is not up yet, but I'll post the link..