Bowers and Wilkins 805s, use as TV speakers ??????

Need opinions.....

I have 2 B&W 805s speakers with stands that I was planning to sell, as new speakers have arrived for my dedicated audio system (located in the music room). We just bought a new 65" Panasonic plasma TV (for the family room) which has extremely poor speakers built-in to the TV cabinet.

We do have an Oppo Blu-Ray player, but watch very few movies. The purchase of an external speaker system is a must. Was thinking about the B&W Panorama sound bar (retail at $2k) as I really have no desire for a surround system at this time.

As I was placing the 'for sale' ad for my 805s' I was wondering if the 805's would do the trick? Or, would the sound bar be better for this purpose? Again, not looking for surround sound, just want full sound.

Has anyone ever used these as TV speakers? Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!
You shouldn't need a center channel. Those 805s would be great for a properly set up 2 channel TV system. I only use 2 speakers in my set up and it works great.

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I would not sell them.

Sell the Rotel and get a modern/new receiver with 150+ watts per channel with the newest codecs DSP, sound management and HDMI in/outs. Run HDMI from cable box into the receiver and out of receiver to the TV.(See Marantz, Pioneer Elite, Sony ES, Yamaha.)

Use a good aftermarket power cord 12 to 14 awg, and good cabling.

If you decide to add a center channel later you will be all set a sub as well may be useful for low freq. effects. It will all be easy to integrate with the addition of a quality receiver. You could also use the receiver as a Pre/Pro and keep the amp in the system if you really like how it powers the B&Ws. Just my thinking.