Bowers and Wilkins Htm72

Hello folks. I'm an amateur here. I currently have a B&W htm61 center channel and am looking to get a more up to date one. Is anyone familiar with the Htm72 model. I don't have anywhere close to me that sells them so am wondering if it would be better then the one I have. Mine is a three speaker where as the htm72 is a two way and a bit smaller. But it's supposed to have better cones? 

Thanks in advance.
For the money, stick with what you have, but if you are wanting to spend a little cash, consider room acoustics as a better investment.

Talk to GIK Acoustics, and spend the same you were going to otherwise.

The center speaker should timbre match the L&R. Does your L&R come from the same series of B&W as the HTM61? If so, then no need to consider a change.

No... actually I'm using a pair of PSB GB1'S. Outstanding sound quality but I don't feel my current B&W can keep up. Thanks
My first instinct was to say wait until you can spring for the HTM71 because it's a true 3-way with the tweeter located directly above a dedicated midrange driver, which in my experience helps not only with midrange clarity and dynamics but also with even sound dispersion from left to right in a room.  I think the HTM72 is probably a relatively small overall improvement over your current center given its similar design configuration and size limitations.  Problem is, the HTM71 costs $1400 or so, which may be over what you're willing to spend. 

BUT, since you're already mixing speaker types, if I were you I'd absolutely audition an Aperion Audio Verus ll Grand Center speaker, which may be the perfect compromise for you between cost and performance.  Aperion is a direct seller, which means they can offer higher quality drivers and components at a much lower price than retail brands, and they offer a true, no-risk and no cost (including shipping both ways) guarantee that lets you demo the speaker at home for I think 60 days.  Read the reviews of Aperion's center speakers and I think you'll agree they're worth a listen.  I think this will give you a BIG upgrade over your current center without having to spend 1400 bucks, and the free in-home demo is just a no brainer.  I think you'll be absolutely thrilled with the performance of the Verus center.  I'm a hardcore audiophile and pretty serious about HT as well, and I recommended this speaker to a friend of mine and it just sounds phenomenal.  Give it a try -- I seriously doubt you'll return it, and you'll save a bundle for the performance you're getting.  Best of luck in whatever you choose.