Bowers & Wilkins 801D4 Signature


I have 2 homes (one in Brazil and one I recently bought for my summer holidays in Germany). In Brazil I have the 801D4 and wanted to buy the same speakers for my new home in Germany. But my dealer suggested to buy the 801D4 Signature and told me they sound far better and there is a big improvement in sound.
Can anyone confirm this please?

Thank you kindly.



If your dealer is truly interested in you and your situation he will demo both speaker sets in the same room with the same electronics for you. Otherwise, there is no way either you or he can be sure.  Your satisfaction, not his wallet, should be his goal. What is your recourse should you not like the Signature model, will he take them back? 

Hi asked me to come to the NL to listen to both (of course the same amp and room) but I'm in Brazil at the moment and don't have the time to fly over for a listening session.

@audioman58 "I heard the Blue ones ,there are many speakers better at that price ,look at the New Wilson Shasha Daw  less money more efficient and natural."


The price of the Sasha Daw are almost the same as the signature price...
But I will ask my dealer if he has them, thank you.



I think the OP will have a clear choice to make between the B&W vs. Wilson or other brands.  The B&W has a pronounced house sound and if the OP is looking for that only another B&W will do.

Similarly priced speakers from Wilson and Magico are going to be more neutral but significantly different. The OP should 100% make up their own mind as to which direction they wish to go in.



If you are considering other speaker brands I would highly recommend auditioning  Rockport Avior ii speakers. They are superb world class speakers. Good luck!