Bowers & Wilkins 801D4 Signature


I have 2 homes (one in Brazil and one I recently bought for my summer holidays in Germany). In Brazil I have the 801D4 and wanted to buy the same speakers for my new home in Germany. But my dealer suggested to buy the 801D4 Signature and told me they sound far better and there is a big improvement in sound.
Can anyone confirm this please?

Thank you kindly.




If you are considering other speaker brands I would highly recommend auditioning  Rockport Avior ii speakers. They are superb world class speakers. Good luck! 

What are you using for electronics, front end ,and cabling ? 
which will forsure will dictate any speakers choice.

Can you recommend a home in Switzerland for my summer holidays?

Would love to see a picture of your System and your place in Brazil? What amplifiers do you use for your speakers. I have the MC 901 monos here

I like the B&w 802 d3 which I biamp now. Really need tubes for the mid and tweeters, especially with B&w.


Either are lovely speakers, but there is minuscule difference between the two in most circumstances.  I have the 800D3 I bought used here for $19K that I couple with Classe Delta monos.  I auditioned the 801D4 and was never quite sure if I could tell the difference.  Hence why I am working on room treatment.

At some point, it becomes a purely subjective decision, which is where I strive to save a ton of money by buying demos or lightly used.

I would encourage some tubes somewhere in the system as the mid and top end of the 800s is very precise and some people can find it tiresome.  I opted for a PrimaLuna EVO 400 preamp, but there are plenty of valid choices.

Long way of saying, any of the choices you are looking at are great, so I'd look for a set that someone is selling for whatever reason and go sink the money into the rest of your system.