Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus and new D3 800 Event

Electronic Concepts is going to have a launch event for the New D3 Dimond 800 Series and will also have the NAUTILUS speakers for demo!!!!
I WONDER how the Nautilus will stand up against the new 800D3? the last time i saw the snails they had 4 mono block amps per speaker and a special crossover and preamp set up by Krell. But that was the 1st version of the speaker, and there
were no diamond tweeters available at the time (as far as i can remember).
I still long for the tall Matrix-800 speakers which i got to hear and they were
quite impressive, even though this was some years ago. Why they don't go for
a modern "tall super speaker" like so many other manufacturers have done is beyond me. the "Snails" are pretty cool but the set up is extremely involved. And probably due to the electronics and cd player used at the time, the sound was kind of sterile- very clean but not very involving.
They will be showing the Nautilus with Bowers crossovers (only way to do it now) and 4 classe mono blocks per speaker. I heard them setup this way at bowers this year and they were amazing.