Over the years I have kept most, but not all, of the original-equipment boxes that came with my gear.  With that being said, I recently upgraded my speakers and plan to re-sell my older speakers. 

Q - Do the original speaker-boxes have value to potential buyers (for retail outlets? for over-seas markets? other?)

Thanks in advance for any insight...




Flatten them and stack the foam innards to save space, and yes having original boxes is a selling point and gives the shippers another chance to smash the crap out of them.

other factor here is that quite often, in my experience, shippers like ups or fedex will deny customer damage claims if something other than manufacturer's packaging is used for shipping expensive precision items like hifi gear...

I had a claim denied by UPS using manufacturers boxes with all proper manufacturers packing. They dented both mono block amps. Doesn't matter how well it's packed, the default is always to deny, then see where that goes. 

One thing is for sure, they don't like heavy packages.