Boxing and shipping BIG speakers? Whats best?

Hi all,

Im trying to help my Dad who is selling his large vintage speakers. There are no boxes for them. Each speaker is roughly
36x24x16 in. and weighs ~90 lbs ea.

Can anyone recommend a shipper/store that would build a box/crate for these. I am pretty sure UPS Store can build whats needed..but question wheather it would truly be adaquate. Of course he would NOT actually ship from UPS ;-) or there would be no speakers left upon arrival...

I suggested either shipping with ABF or Bax Global as both are superb for large items, and I have some experience with these carriers. He has to ship these from Atlanta to Oregon and need some help with this info..also best way to position the speakers so that the woofers are least subject to damage. (I.E. ship upright or with woofs down etc...) These are bass cabinets and the mids are Janszen Electrostatic elements which would ship seperately.

here a link...

Many thanks for any and all info!


As a contrarian. I have used the UPS store three times in the past year to ship large heavy speakers. They came through every time, with no damage. With a Velodyne 1500 subwoofer, a pair of Thiel CS 2.2's, as well as a pair Thiel CS 3.6's. They also did well with a pair of Spica TC 50's. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
I've never seen the UPS store properly package a heavy item. The items I've received from them that did arrive safely was by luck only and lightweight (eg preamps). I've purchased 2 speaker systems that were packaged by the UPS store, both were damaged and both could have survived if they had been properly packaged (ie with appropriate HD Box, double box, and strong packing. The use single ply cardboard, bubble wrap,and peanuts.

I would package them myself.
I got a price for boxes for my pd80s 14X18x64 @250lbs. each. These criminals wanted 300.00 for heavy cardboard boxes. You can buy plywood or osb and with some styrofoam panels and build very sturdy cases in about an hour for around 60$.
That's what I'd be doing!
I had a pair of Kharma Ceramique 1.0 shipped to me from Maine with BAX. When the driver came to the house I said I would help get them off the truck. I thought it was odd that there were metal straps on one of the speakers, and that two of the three straps were broken. THe shipping case was not destroyed, but it was obviously damaged.

When we got the speakers into the listening room I took the one from the damaged case, and sure enough, the speakers black piano finish was marred in three places!

Bax sent some old drunk over to examine the speaker. He looked at it and took some pictures, and after wasting my time for a while, finally left. That was the end of the process of trying to fix the problem. I called them a number of times, and they blew me off. The estimate I got for repairing them was about $1000. Bax never did anything, and by the time I got a lawyer and sued a company many states away, I would have died of old age...

BUT if you want to use BAX, it's your choice!

DHL does a great job with shipping big, heavy, and fragile speakers. I recently had a pair of Apogee Duetta Signatures (two 150 lb boxes) shipped to me in Florida from Colorado, and they arrived in perfect condition. An added bounus wat the DHL was less expensive by about $100.00 on this shippment than either UPS or FedEx Ground.

Also from my experience, BAX provides service for "business to business" only and won't even entertain residential pickup or delivery.