Boy, Oh Boy! Towshend!

OK, I have elevated my belief in isolation.  For the first time I feel I have entered the Hi Fidelity zone.  About 3 weeks ago I purchased the Townshend Speaker Bars.  My muddy bass cleaned up, I have better imaging, clarity, precision, speed and focus.  My buddy who is not not into HiFi but has followed my adventures, was blown away.  He said, "OK, now I get why you do this."  Best money spent! 

Denon DL160 (re-tipped by Soundsmith) > Thorens TD150 > McIntosh 8900 > ALK Extreme Slope in Klipsch Belles.  Just another step in the long journey, but a Giant Step for my enjoyment.  My system took a large enough step forward that I am drawn into listening to all of my 2K plus albums again just to enjoy them in a new way. Great people to deal with too, even with Brexit messing things up.  Highly recommended!
I am not associated with them in any way, just want to pass it on.
It seems to me that turntables must be level to even begin setting them up.   ...just wondering if springs can accommodate that adjustment.
Sure. Why not? The only question is how? Townshend accomplish leveling on Podiums by turning a knob, and on Pods by turning the top of the Pod. Either way allows convenient and accurate leveling. My turntables were on Pods, my speakers on Podiums. Both perfectly level.
I've ordered some Townshend Podiums for my ATC SCM100ASL towers.
Will be interested to hear how they improve on the Herbies Giant Gliders I'm currently using. 
The Podiums need to impress at >10 times the cost of the Herbies footers.
Haha - hope so.
I actually had a better reaction to the Herbies footers than the Isoacoustics Gaia 1 footers - though I didn't have them together at the same time for a more contemporaneous comparison.
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