Boy, Oh Boy! Towshend!

OK, I have elevated my belief in isolation.  For the first time I feel I have entered the Hi Fidelity zone.  About 3 weeks ago I purchased the Townshend Speaker Bars.  My muddy bass cleaned up, I have better imaging, clarity, precision, speed and focus.  My buddy who is not not into HiFi but has followed my adventures, was blown away.  He said, "OK, now I get why you do this."  Best money spent! 

Denon DL160 (re-tipped by Soundsmith) > Thorens TD150 > McIntosh 8900 > ALK Extreme Slope in Klipsch Belles.  Just another step in the long journey, but a Giant Step for my enjoyment.  My system took a large enough step forward that I am drawn into listening to all of my 2K plus albums again just to enjoy them in a new way. Great people to deal with too, even with Brexit messing things up.  Highly recommended!
I am not associated with them in any way, just want to pass it on.
Ideally what you want is a floating effect isolating the component. In addition, if you can also get some vibration transfer out of the boxes (everything except turntables) that is ideal. Floating doesn't work for me with my thin floor standing speakers, so I went with a multilayer platform that does an excellent job transferring vibration with some isolation, but not as much as podiums or roller blocks. 

The only product I've seen that does both are the Symposium roller blocks. They are a little more expensive that Townshend podiums, however for most weight applications, you only need 3 of them (3 points determine a plane for those who forgot geometry) and they become a little less expensive.

Under my turntable where I don't need vibration transfer, the podiums work great, and I have them screwed into a seismic platform (sitting on top of a wall mounted shelf screwed into the wood studs). That makes it much easier to level and you don't have to worry about optimal podium placement. This platform however is solid powder coated steel without sublayers, so there is no vibration transfer which is ok since there is vibrating box. Power supply is separate. It adds a couple hundred to the price, but it is worth it to me.
goose520 posts08-20-2021 12:27amI compared the gliders to the podiums and agree with millercarbon
That's good to hear, I'm looking forward to receiving my Podiums (waiting on shipment from UK).
’That's good to hear, I'm looking forward to receiving my Podiums (waiting on shipment from UK).’

size 4?  The beauty of the Townshend that it makes every one of your upgrades better. From a fuse to a power supply. The Podiums really should be the first upgrade people make. Unfortunately for me it was my most recent. But if I would have ever known the difference it would have been the Podiums before any dac, preamp etc.  The Podiums allow you to really listen to every piece in the chain   Would have been perfect to audition equipment with them in place 

you will have a big smile shortly after install. Money well spent. Not sure of the cost of your speakers but if the Podiums where 10% of their  cost you are getting a hell of a return on your dollar. 

Yes, getting the size 4 podiums, the SCM100 towers come in at 68kg and have a fairly large footprint.
Have increased anticipation with all the strong endorsements.

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