BPT Power Conditioner

Any thoughts of this product.? How's it compare to a Richard Gray. Enhanced audio/video performance noticeable or negligeable.
I tired and tired to hear a difference with the RG 400 unit but to my ears nothing, that being said I know two others who use a Hydra and a Exact Power and they swear by them. There other ways to do this, see some other threads by Sean, Physicanimal and Lak, they have this stuff down to a science. I am following their teachings and trying to do what they have accomplished.

Happy Listening.
The BPT 3.5 Signature Plus has completely transformed my system. I've had/heard lots of power conditioners and this one sounds closest to the ideal of battery power than any I've yet heard with doing the least harm. I cannot yet find any negative side effects of what it does so well. I accidentally plugged my TV and sat rcvr into it around Thankgsiving (football and all) and was blown away by the improvement, especially in HD. Very similar effects in High def and video to what it does in audio: blacker backgrounds, more natural detail, and 3 dimensionality. Just took the sytem to a new level and without question truly a bargain in that it took a very refined system to a new level of refinement.
Upgraded from Richard Gray 600 to BPT 3.5 Signature. An improvement, but more subtle than overwhelming in my system.
I haven't listened to the BPT 3.5 Signature, though it was highly recommended to me. I had already tried the Richard Gray products and found that they transformed my system, both on audio and video - I had to recalibrate my video monitor as well. I have gone beyond a single RGPC 400 - I tried one first and was so impressed that I set-up my system's power around their products (SubSstation, RGPC 1200C and two 400 MkII's).

That is my experience though. I have a friend that can't hear any improvement on his system with two RGPC 600's. It's my opinion that power conditioners depend on the problems you have with power (if any), or with your equipment (not all equipment needs power conditioning). Therefore, you need to evaluate products in your system to see if they solve your particular problems, if any.

JMHO :o)