Brag About Your Vinyl Collection

There are a couple of posts for listing your favorite albums, but what about those albums that you've collected simply for value or rarity? Here is your chance to tell about some of the rare and valuable records in your collection, where you found them, how you store/display them, etc.

I've been buying LPs (stereo mostly) since the mid-'60s. I'm not a completist or collector but among 17,000 records at one point, I had (and still have):

  • about 45-50 original Vertigo Swirls, mostly UK, a few other countries;
  • The Island pink label catalog for the most part, with multiple copies;
  • a pretty nice collection of jazz, ranging from more obscure offerings on Strata-East to a fair number of private label recordings done during the "loft" scene in the '70s;
  • All the standard rock warhorses, usually best pressings, but in many cases, I have easily a dozen pressings;
  • with that "classic" rock category I would include numerous different Zep records; few of them were recorded well;
  • I have thousands of classical records that I'm ashamed to don't listen to more: from an almost entire Lyrita and EMI ASD catalog and many Decca/Londons from England;
  • lots of odd ball stuff, from a first pressing of Disgraceland by Elvis Hitler, to a a lot of rare stuff that you just cannot find on the market today.
  • Most of the audiophile stuff- whether old MoFi, Direct to Disc from Sheffield goes unplayed, as do most other "demo" recordings. I have many. 

I dumped about 12,000 records before I left NY. In Texas, I brought around 5,000 and have selectively acquired various records since. My penchant for not buying is inflation in price and grading. I do have preferred suppliers, but they don't have some of the "one-offs."

Every original Beatles lps in mono and stereo all near mint, including sealed Yellow Submarine

Original Stones lps in mono

Beatles introducing, the 25 "ad back" on Vee jay NM

Mint peeled Butcher cover 

Alot of one hit wonders from the 60s on lp

AND "an evening with wild man Fischer" double lp on the Bizarre label

He was Frank Zappa's protege....took awhile to find that one NM

Thousands of LP's however it is the hundred or so autographed ones I really value from the experience of meeting the artists.