Brag About Your Vinyl Collection

There are a couple of posts for listing your favorite albums, but what about those albums that you've collected simply for value or rarity? Here is your chance to tell about some of the rare and valuable records in your collection, where you found them, how you store/display them, etc.

Every original Beatles lps in mono and stereo all near mint, including sealed Yellow Submarine

Original Stones lps in mono

Beatles introducing, the 25 "ad back" on Vee jay NM

Mint peeled Butcher cover 

Alot of one hit wonders from the 60s on lp

AND "an evening with wild man Fischer" double lp on the Bizarre label

He was Frank Zappa's protege....took awhile to find that one NM

Thousands of LP's however it is the hundred or so autographed ones I really value from the experience of meeting the artists. 

Led Zeppelin II, UK Plum, "Living Loving Wreck" misprint.  Paid $18 for it at a record store in Virginia Beach in 2003.


I have the best collection in the world.

I have the worst collection in the world. 😀