Brain Games - Watch This - National Geographic

I am watching the Watch This Episode of the TV Show Brain Games from National Geographic on Netflix. There was a segment that demonstrated how your eyes can change what your ears hear. It made me think back to the many discussions about blind testing. It's a fascinating episode all around, but if you have Netflix see what you think. I have no found that segment on Youtube. You'll recognize it when you see it.
I have seen several of the episodes and it's really amazing how much our brains fill in the details of our sight. I don't think there's any reason to believe that our sight and hearing work differently when it's the same brain interpreting the input from the two sources.

I love brain games. Why are games good for the brain?
They help improve spatial attention, develop the ability to track moving objects, reduce impulsivity, and help overcome dyslexia. Video games improve the brain's ability to multi-task (multi-tasking) and increase the flexibility of the mind. I also recently downloaded games on the siteĀ