Brand new Technics SL-1210GR platter wobble ... disappointed!

Got a brand new Technics SL-1210 GR. Tonearm bearing feels good, no other issues, but it has a wobbly platter. Not as bad as I have seen in Hanpins, but should a $1700 table made in Japan have this amount of wobble? My Project belt driven TT has no wobble that I can see with naked eye.

I have uploaded 3 videos on YT. Can you guys take a look and tell me if this is acceptable for a $1700 TT w/ no cart?

Debating whether I should accept this or return it. I do not want to send a brand new TT for service. FYI, I did reseat the platter at various angles to see if the wobble went away, but no such luck.

P.S. Apologies for a bit of camera shake, but I think it is clear to see the platter move up/down

Too many backyard mechanics trying to make it sound like the turntable
is a poor design.  To the naysayers, you really don't know what you are talking about.  I find the direct drive to have a great jump factor, but if you would rather use a cheap Rega or expensive one with a glass platter that rings, an outdated arm and a table that weighs almost nothing, then who am I to say? My SL1200G weighs 40 pounds,I can jump in front of it while playing (old house with suspended floors) records with zero skips.  The arm once adjusted, stays that way unlike the unipivot toy that VPI uses (I owned a Prime for 2 years). 

As far as looks go, I like it better than the Prime with a lot of bling but terrible isolation.
I bought a 1200G and tried it with 3 different cartridges (Ortofon Quintet Black, Denon 103R, Signet TK7Ea). I, and a friend, preferred the sound of the VPI Prime (using the same cartridges with and without the dual pivot). And as I mentioned in a previous post, the platter wobbled (more so than the SL-1200 MkII I have). I returned it.
" Direct drive turntables have the best wow and flutter specs in the industry. "

Everyone says this (and maybe it is true as far as "published specs" go). But those specs typically are measured based on testing parameters that are not real world (e.g., no stylus, etc.). I’ve yet to see any actual W&F measurements from a DD.
So, it looks like all the Technics are gone and I am told backordered until August. Can anyone suggest another TT I can try in this price range up to $2500? I have a Hana SL cart that I would like to use with it. I have Project Tube Box DS2 with GL 12ax7s in it. I think the phono for $900 is very good. Extremely quiet and the Hana SL is good too. I currently use it on a Project Classic SB that I am trying to upgrade from.
If you're willing to go "sort of" vintage, Vinyl Nirvana sells Thorens reproduction tables with Moth (Rega) arms and many choices of hardwood plinths (and many other options).  They are beautiful, very good sounding tables and Dave is really good to work with (I have 2, a TD160 Super and an TD125 MkII).  Check out and if it looks like something you might like, give Dave a call.