Brand new Technics SL-1210GR platter wobble ... disappointed!

Got a brand new Technics SL-1210 GR. Tonearm bearing feels good, no other issues, but it has a wobbly platter. Not as bad as I have seen in Hanpins, but should a $1700 table made in Japan have this amount of wobble? My Project belt driven TT has no wobble that I can see with naked eye.

I have uploaded 3 videos on YT. Can you guys take a look and tell me if this is acceptable for a $1700 TT w/ no cart?

Debating whether I should accept this or return it. I do not want to send a brand new TT for service. FYI, I did reseat the platter at various angles to see if the wobble went away, but no such luck.

P.S. Apologies for a bit of camera shake, but I think it is clear to see the platter move up/down