Brand new Vandersteen Model 2's

I can't wait to hear them. I've been hearing about them for a while now and have been told that they are THAT good compared to the model they supersede.  The price only went up $100 which is typical Vandersteen.  I'm still amazed that they can offer this much value in this speaker.  I tried to find the thread on this, but wasn't able to.  I'm not the best at searching for things, but hope this thread suffices.  
Im sure they will continue to do as well as ever, I was just hoping for some really big changes. I remeber I bought my 3a signatures somewhere around 2003, and there havnt been any changes in the 17 years since. Was hoping for some upgraded drivers, etc. I even listened to the 5a, pre carbon days, and felt that the 3a was a better sounding speaker, at least to me. 
I would rather have a piece of audio equipment that stands the test if time, that is so good the manufacturer doesn't change it every few years just to boost sales.
I always thought those contour controls were superfluous in my model 2Ci, especially as they get older and tend to get scratchy. I now wished I had tried opening them up and taken the controls out of the circuit just to see it made a difference. 
Hi Jafant (Mr Theil, lol).... Welcome.  I need to get to LI to hear your system and you are always invited to CT to come listen.  I will get Sam Laufer who owns Laufer Teknik's to come over and show off his source gear and DAC.  Pizza is on me! lol.

Guys, Richard is the most conservative designer I've ever met.  He constantly finds better components for crossover, wiring, boards, solder, teflon connection strips and the list goes on.  He implements these changes over the years without coming out with Mk 2,3,4,5 etc... unlike most other speaker designers.  HE's frugal beyond all get out (most of the older timers were, including Jim Thiel, for jafant!).

He only comes out with a different number or 'signature' when there are so many changes that it makes sense.  I know that we all hear differently, and for those of you who have spoken with Richard, you know he's a no BS guy in every way of his life.  For anyone to think this isn't a much much better speaker (for only $100 more), when you haven' heard it, it's not fair to make the statement that things are anticlimactic. 

Go listen before feeling it's anticlimactic.  
Don’t think anyone has said it’s not better, I have no doubt that it is. Richard dosnt make changes lightly and certainly not if it’s not going to be an improvement. Having said that, 17 years is a heck of long time, and personally I’ll pay more to get more, there are no free rides. I’m hoping since the 3a is so similar that we might see something happen there soon also. I already have called my local dealer to let me know when they get a pair of these in so I can hear them.