Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Does this mean that the problem is the stylus/ Needle?

Please Help!



Muffled again after cleaning a record.

Does anyone think that cleaning the record introduces debris that collects on the needle?

Assuming you've got the weight at 1.8g as Ortofon recommends. 

Otherwise if the red is fine, then it sounds like an internal problem with the blue. Happens sometimes. 

Why are you bothering with vinyl in the first place? Even hipsters have dumped their turntables. If you want 'Cool Retro' gear just get a Reel to Reel and end your aggravation. 

New records do not have the same quality control as those we purchased in the 70s,80s, and 90s. As a starting point, I'd clean every new record if you have a cleaner. If not an anti-static brush is a minimum. Lot's of ways to clean stylus. My preferred method to clean my stylus is to use drummers 'Moon Gel' dampening pads. There is a product marketed to turntable owners but is 10x the price for effectively the same goo [I've tried both]