Brand New Vinyl Static and Pops

Nothing major, but annoying.

Could it be because I was spinning old dirty vinyl which made the platter dirty/dusty?

I'm about to buy the humminguru. Does anything go well with it?



I said dirt not static electricity. Static is not inserted at the factory. The culprit is us .

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I US clean new records with a Degritter. 

However, playing the vinyl will cause static buildup.   No different than rubbing a ballon to get static buildup.   Some records do have an annoying amount of surface noise. Others very little. 

I use the Destat III to accomplish two tasks. First use the Destat to reduce static. Then use a carbon fiber brush to remove any dust particles.  Static can cause the dust to want to adhere to the vinyl.  Using in this way the dust and particles wipe right off. I’ve noted since using this method, there is almost no dust accumulating on the cartridge or stylus. 

If your record played without noise the first play and notice noise with additional playing, it must have to do with dust or static.

I’ve noticed that moving and fixed coil cartridges seem to be less susceptible to popping from static.  I believe that removing the static to allow the dust to be easily removed will benefit any vinyl playback regardless of setup  


Surprised no one mentioned the 2 products that are said to remove static while playing the LP. I have no experience with them but after much investigation they seem to be worthwhile. Yes above the OP price point but just thought I'd mention them.



It does seem crazy the expense that one will go to, for a Mechanical Means to Clean a LP. There is nothing to suggest prove the method is improved over a Manual Method using Purpose Produced Solutions.

Where the Mechanical Method has its most significant support is purported by the users as a convenience.

I wear the PAVCR Manual Cleaning Method with Solutions that can be produced in the UK.

In the UK the Starter Kit along with a few other accessories beyond suggested recommendations can be acquired for approx' £150, which is a life times worth of Chemical to produce a Cleaning Solution. Distilled Water may need to be re-purchased over time.

I would suggest the same Starter Kit can be acquired for a cheaper cost in the US.

Either Way Thousands of LP's are able to treated when the Starter Kit is in place.

I have US Tank Cleaning and do not use it, the PAVCR Manual Method has superseded the US Tank Method.

The methodology I have put in place for the Manual Cleaning enables myself to clean 10 LP's in an hour, with the first few cleaned LP's being ready for re-sleeving prior to the hour being used.

The impact of the Manual Cleaning Method using the Cleaning and Rinse Solutions as advised, has left me with the description worthy of being used to explain the impact of the cleaning processes. Is that the LP's are Purified.

I certainly do not need any other method at hand, with the result being achieved.