Brass screw tweak, seen in Virtual Dynamics video.

I am curious if anyone has seen and tried the brass screw tweak as seen in the Virtual Dynamics "Oddiophile" videos?
In particular, I am interested in the brass metric machine screw with the insert. Sounds rather interesting. Could anyone offer any insight or relay experience? Are any manufacturers using this tweak?
The address is below. Episode one is the first tweak, episode number six is the advanced version, the one I am most interested in.
I wonder how fantastic your system has to be for you to notice the difference using this tweak.

Definitely important on mounting air core inductors where screws are close to the coil.

I have my doubts whether a tweeter would be affected audibly from the screws on the front mounting plate. I guess you never know.
I used "brass" screws instead of the oh so typical steel bolts that we are all so accustomed to seeing on Mrs Frankensteins neck, on my wife...and I must admit, her shrieks were almost tolerable. NOW THATS A TWEAK!!!
Late replying, but I have been bust @ work......
For the record, I have ordered a set of brass wood screws to try first, and a set of brass metric machine screws and inserts.
First, I will try the wood screws, and at a later date, if there is room in the cabinet, the inserts (I want to try this as I am considering Bybees, and Quicksilver Gold contact treatment on spade connectors to all drivers, and do not want to damage the cabinets with excessive removal and install of the drivers.)

I'll have to try for myself. I will post my findings, but it will take a while. We are renovating, and will not have system back together for some time.

For the record, I have receiver four private emails from members who do not want to post on the thread, all claiming to have tried the brass screws, and all claim positive effects.
Personally, I would not hack the "F" out of my speakers in attempt to "possibly" find a sonic gain. Once you drill those cabinets you can't go back. When it comes to speakers, the cabinets is what you pay big bucks for. Please no follow ups on the where money is spent when manufacturing speakers with regards to drivers vs. cabinets.