Brave man, McGowan...

Brave for sure. This will alienate a bunch of people. All cable haters and snake oilers. Very risky business for Paul to post this in public forum. 
- Let's hope atdavid doesn't find this thread ...    😎

atdavid: " Why, are you afraid I will point out the lack of details in his post, no mention of if or how many times they swapped back and forth the cables to validate the change, that I will suggest the P20 wasn't doing its job or perhaps that the P20 has some fundamental issues exacerbated by load cables, that I will predict this "experiment" will never be repeated in a forum/method that allows us common folk to validate the results, or that I will point out that I don't actually mention power cables in my posts, but do mention heavy feeds from your breaker panel .... or all of the above?

More likely I wouldn't have posted at all in this thread, but since you felt the need, for whatever reason to bring up my name"

- Enough said ....
I read Paul's post as the AQ PC is a superb product rather than taking anything away from P20. I have no reason to believe that someone like Paul has any other motives but trying to people what actually happened. The dragons are over my budget but if I had the dough, I would definitely try them out
The PS audio ac regenerators "simply" do not really clean up the ac.
Line noise gets through or is generated by the PS ac regenerator.
McGowan’s products are way overrated POS!

Yes, pretty much you said you have the maturity of a 12 year old.

dill950 posts11-10-2019 12:57pm- Let's hope atdavid doesn't find this thread ...    😎

- Enough said ....