Break in period

What would the forum say about how long or how many hours of play time needs to occur before you can establish that your new loudspeakers are playing at optimum performance? I've heard opinions on this all over the scale!! Does this depend on the type and brand of loudspeaker, material of drivers, power being driven, etc? Can we agree on a nominal time period? I realize it may also depend on how loud you play them as well. Any thoughts? Many thanks.
No, no, no. I've heard that business about "getting adjusted to the sound," and it's nonsense, at least with respect to the Gallo Ref 3s and now the Raysonic CD player. The Gallo break-in nasties are even referenced in the owner's manual. If you haven't been there (the break-in period), you have no idea what this is like, especially the fact that they sound perfectly fine out of the box and THEN start sounding a lot less than fine. Dave
break in never guarantees a dramatic change or an improvement. your brain and ears do the adjusting and acceptence. if you don't like em now, you rarely love'em later.
sound the same toady as at first set up 4 yrs ago. = not a believer in the " the theory" or better "the myth" of the "break in period". As in all things audio you have 2 main camps. tubes vs ss, analog vs digital, , I'm in the camp with fewest members, no breakin time.
I don't know what the mechanism is, but I have had experiences similar to Dopogue's, particularly with cables. And with the Avalon Eclipses I bought in 1995, which were so variable in the first 6 months as to induce severe bouts of hypochondria (I must have some hearing disorder, etc etc). High-end audio...not for the faint of heart.