Breaking (burning) in new DAC

I have a Denafrips Venus2 on order.  Everything I read says the DAC needs significant time to achieve optimal performance.  I have downstream gear with some fancy tubes that I would like to spare & also waste fewest electrons in this process.

What would theoretically be the way to burn in the DAC given these objectives?


First world problems.  Buy a cheap pair of powered speakers you can maybe repurpose or buy some cheap tubes you can use while the DAC settles in.  

What @jimmy2615 said.


Personally, I would just listen to the DAC right out of the box and let the 'burn-in' happen naturally.

Betting the circuits can take 50-100 hours depending on the capacitor values etc. Breaking in depends on the individual …. 


i was wondering if the signal needs to be processed all of the way through to get it done properly.  I appreciate your response if indeed I can leave amp & preamp powered down and still achieve burn-in